Our Story

“No Risk, No Glad,”  That concept has become our motto here at International Xchange Organization (IXO) as we look at the world and its needs and the challenges we face in addressing those needs. Since that phrase was first uttered, we have constantly served as a platform that takes risks necessary to facilitate the growth of entrepreneurs and leaders living in difficult places.  Our goal has been to merge education with practical support in the context of a caring community to help each entrepreneur dream, birth, and grow a healthy organization.   Over the past 18 years, we are glad to have watched dreams, varying from English teaching, to baseball coaching and to leadership mentoring spread across 3 continents, grow into a dozen organizations, and then expand into careers for our entrepreneurial friends who have become family.

The Story…

Duncan was one of the first college-age students to grasp the deeper meaning to life and come to grips with some of his own false beliefs and practices. The first statement he made to us in class about his personal aspirations was, “Get rich, become powerful and die.” A year later while traveling on a long train ride he began talking with people in the seats next to him about the changes that had taken place in his heart and mind. Soon many people gathered around to enter into the discussion. After a while, Duncan became concerned that the police on the train would hear about what he was saying and arrest him for having a large group discussion. So he wrote me in an email, I thought maybe I should go to the back of the train and hide from the police with a newspaper over my head so I would look like I was sleeping. But I soon decided, “No risk, no glad” and so I kept on telling people what I had come to believe. From that time on I felt Duncan’s resolve should be ours as well.