Mission Studio

In recent years a new type of business owner has appeared—the “social entrepreneur”. This individual connects the previously divided worlds of for-profit business and non-profit benevolence. In a similar way, as mission driven entrepreneurs launch ventures motivated by the greatest good, and the fundraising structure of the non-profit model decays, the distance between the two is disappearing.

At Mission Studio, we envision a place where businesses and not for profits are one. Both seek the greater good and innovative ways to live out their calling to love and serve their communities. While calling and methods employed may vary, at the center of each venture is an entrepreneurial leader who is paving the way in addressing some of the most difficult business and social problems today.

Mission Studio is devoted to supporting the entrepreneur and their community by providing sustainable solutions for the greater good.  Through entrepreneurial and community development training, practical start-up support, ongoing mentor-ship, and a dedicated like minded business community Mission Studio seeks to partner with the local Entrepreneur as they live out their unique calling and share in the joy of watching their community flourish.